What is soil contamination, and does it impact building my dream home?

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Soil contamination is caused for the most-part, by previous industrial activity whether it be agricultural or from construction. In years past gone, the safe disposal of contaminants was not something often placed in a high priority, therefore many of the contaminants were either left on-site or buried. Contaminants in the soil can be a range of things from heavy metals, asbestos, oily water as well as chemicals.

Most of the work we do at Wollongong City Excavation & Demolition regarding remediation is typically remediating the soil for a new build after a demolition job. This can mean the previous building had asbestos and therefore the jobsite must be free of this before the commencement of any new construction for the future safety of any residents.

When conducting demolitions, we are aware of what to be looking out for regarding contaminants and will be the ones to identify and send off for testing, anything we consider a potential danger for occupant’s health. To ensure your future safety, the site must be contained and made contaminant free before you can start the construction on your future dream home. That is why it’s so important to hire a trusted team of professionals to identify and ameliorate the site as this can impact your health for years to come.