Demolishing a House in Wollongong – What to Know

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One of Australia’s quickest growing cities, Wollongong is the home to iconic scenery and beautiful beaches. With this, comes a massive influx of people moving in from outside areas such as Sydney and buying up old houses with the intention of knocking down to rebuild their dream home.

Knockdown rebuilds are becoming increasingly popular in the Wollongong area as the city has many older structures built in the 60’s-80’s and the people moving into Wollongong are coming with money from more expensive areas of Sydney looking for a sea-change.

The first factor when considering a knock-down rebuild is what requirements there are for obtaining a Development Approval (also known as a DA). The requirements for each council to process these vary from council to council, therefore time can vary, however private certifiers can get these through in as little as two weeks if your budgets permit it.

A part of the process is the consideration of trees if you need to have any removed, alike the DA, every council has their own rules regarding the removal of trees so before you go ripping out and cutting down any trees it is vital you seek some consultation and do your homework as some large fines apply for cutting down certain trees without approval.

The overall message at the end of this is that there is not one size fits all in the excavation and demolition business and this reiterates the importance of having the right company for your job.

At Wollongong City Excavation & Demolition, we would love to take some time to chat regarding your future demolition to help get it done on time and within budget.