Site Remediation

Be contaminant free

Site remediation is the removal of contaminated wastes or hazardous material from a construction project with the outcome of protecting both the health of the environment and the people. This could be the removal of asbestos, PCB’s, lead etc as these contaminants must be removed prior to new construction. This often involves testing for contaminants and on-site containment of contaminants prior to the removal from the site and before any commencement of new work on that site once a contaminant has been established.

EPA registered and compliant

Wollongong City Excavation & Demolition has successfully remediated many contaminated sites in the Illawarra region, we are capable and skilled in the removal, disposal, and purification of contaminated lands under EPA regulations.


Why choose Wollongong City Excavation & Demolition?

Wollongong City Excavation & Demolition have been remediating constructions sites for over 10 years now with a heavy focus on environmentalism in the industry. As a result, 95% of materials on-site are typically recycled through the appropriate waste disposal services. WCED have had several years remediating contaminated sites, with a dedicated team whose sole focus is to ensure the purification of the site under EPA guidelines. Choose the leading experts in the field when dealing with contaminated sites.