OneSchool Global - Maddens Plains


3 days

Description of Work:

One School Globals Illawarra campus is located on top of the escarpment at Maddens Plains, situated on the picturesque sandstone landscapes surrounded by native vegetation. We were contracted to do an entire demolition of the existing office building to allow for the construction of the office space for staff. This was a relatively quick job, with a very tight timeframe of only 2 days of completely pulling down the building, cleaning, and sorting the materials and leaving the site clean and ready for construction. We smashed through this timeframe without any roadblocks and once again exceeded our clients’ expectations because of our highly trained and skilled operators who waste no time in getting a job done.

Summary of Work:

  • Bulk Excavation of earth, concrete, and building materials
  • Sorting of materials for recycling and removal from site
  • Develop and implement workplace health and safety, and environmental management practices
  • Demolition of existing structure
  • Containment of any contaminants and disposal of under EPA guidelines

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