JB-Hifi Warrawong


4 days

Description of Work:

This site holds quite a bit of history, with the original building being Tenpin Bowling during the earlier to mid part of the 19th Century. Since then, it was converted into JBHi-fi where it remained as the tech hub of Warrawong for several years. This job was an exciting and challenging one, considering the proximity to several active shops, cars, and pedestrians on walkways. As a result of the complex nature of this job, we were asked by a Docuseries show – Demolition Downunder if they could come and film the entire demolishment of the building of the 3 days it took place. This was all done under the watchful eye of our wonderful partners Lanskey Construction. As a result of this building demolition being filmed, you can watch our episode on Foxtel on the Docuseries, Demolition Downunder where we will premiere on Monday 18th July at 7:30pm.

Summary of Work:

  • Demolition and removal of existing structure Demolition and removal of existing structure and hardstand spanning 4700m2
  • Site remediation from contaminants
  • Bulk excavation of earth, concrete and steel
  • Civil works for infrastructure
  • Removal of all waste, disposed under EPA guidelines
  • Removal of asbestos
  • Develop and implement workplace health and safety, and environmental management practices
  • Removal of trees from carpark

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