Dapto HealthOne

Project coordination


4 months

Description of Work:

The Dapto HealthOne building is a government funded health facility that brings multidisciplinary health professional together to reduce the burden of Chronic disease. We are passionate in furthering the development in community especially when it comes to health as you can tell by our passion and dedication to remediation of sites. This site was one project where remediation was a large aspect of what we did, with large amounts of friable asbestos needing to be contained, removed, and disposed of under EPA guidelines. This project took 4 months to complete with a total value of $450,000.00. The new HealthOne facility has since been built and is serving the community in the ways we were hoping since its inauguration in May 2021.

Summary of Work:

  • Demolition of existing building
  • Asbestos testing and containment onsite
  • Asbestos removal from site and disposal of under EPA guidelines
  • Civil works for infrastructure
  • Detailed cat excavation
  • Bulk cat excavation
  • Site remediation of contaminants
  • Develop and implement workplace health and safety, and environmental management practices

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