Corrimal Anglicare


4 months

Description of Work:

The Anglicare Corrimal job was a larger scale job and provided many challenges that we were able to overcome because of our large fleet of plant machinery and skilled operators. This job is mostly demolition and preparation job for the new building to be constructed by Tower Projects. Anglicare Corrimal is being built to allow for affordable housing in areas that need it most for those aged 55 and over. We demolished all existing structures on this site, and were required after identifying friable asbestos, to contain and dispose of this appropriately. We put in lots of work on this site conducting remediation of the soil from all contaminants. From here we conducted detailed at excavation and civil works for the Tower Projects team giving them the blank canvas they need to start the build on this wonderful project.

Summary of Work:

  • Asbestos testing and containment onsite
  • Asbestos removal from site and disposal of under EPA guidelines
  • Civil works for infrastructure
  • Detailed cat excavation
  • Bulk excavation of earth and concrete
  • Site remediation from contaminants
  • Develop and implement workplace health and safety, and environmental management practices
  • Work with council on site to ensure all processes and procedures are met
  • Concrete paving laid

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