Bisalloy Steels Carpark


1 month

Description of Work:

Wollongong City Excavation and Demolition took on the job for Bisalloy Steels Carpark which required some much-needed love with pooling of water creating soft and wet spots throughout the carpark. We partook in the demolition of the concrete driveway and the bulk removal of the associated waste. We removed all waste and stripped the carpark of the services as well including the cabling and plumbing making way for the paving of the new concrete driveway and concrete kerbing to help mitigate the water issue. We also conducted some civil works in order for the installation of some new infrastructure for the business. This was a smaller and relatively cheap job in comparison to some of the larger work we conduct and was completed within the time frame for the value of $30,000.00.

Summary of Work:

  • Demolition work of concrete driveway
  • Bulk earthworks and removal
  • Civil works for infrastructure
  • Concrete paving for driveway
  • Demolish and remove kerb and gutter
  • Concrete kerb gutter
  • Removal and disposal of existing aboveground services including cabling and plumbing
  • Develop and implement workplace health and safety, and environmental management practices

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