Bisalloy Steels Carpark 2.0


3 days

Description of Work:

Due to our awesome work with the previous driveway for Bisalloy Steels, we have been contracted to continue improving their facilities with another load bearing driveway to allow for the large trucks coming in and out. For this job, although another small job, we honed our operators in and got the job done, ripping up the existing concrete driveway with our smaller digger to allow for the laying of new asphalt. Levelling of the driveway and providing some much-needed piping for run off ensures a dry entrance. Again, Bisalloy Steels were beyond happy with our work, and we are always pleased to be servicing local businesses.

Summary of Work:

  • Demolition work of concrete driveway
  • Bulk earthworks and removal
  • Civil works for driveway
  • Levelling for run off
  • Asphalt laying for new flexible driveway for load bearing vehicles
  • Construction of concrete guttering and drainpipes
  • Implement WHS practices

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