Amity College


1 month

Description of Work:

Amity College has been in operation since 1996 when it was founded by a group of students and operates 3 campuses across NSW. We were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work on one of their colleges which required some much-needed excavation and site remediation by our skilled team at Wollongong City Excavation and Demolition. The skilled tradesmen at Gledhill constructions contracted our team to prepare the site for their construction to take place. For the job we required some heavy machinery for our excavation and demolition of existing structures. The Amity College site needed site remediation as the asbestos testing showed it was present and required containment of the friable asbestos and the removal off-site to be disposed of under the EPA guidelines. The remediation of the site ensured the detailed cat excavation and civil works could go ahead smoothly from our team and prepared the site for the team at Gledhill Constructions to do their amazing work.

Summary of Work:

  • Cat demolition
  • Asbestos testing and containment onsite
  • Asbestos removal from site and disposal of under EPA guidelines
  • Civil works for infrastructure
  • Detailed cat excavation
  • Bulk excavation
  • Site remediation of asbestos and other contaminants
  • Removal and disposal of existing aboveground services including cabling and plumbing
  • Develop and implement workplace health and safety, and environmental management practices

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